“.. the amazing thing about that year was that almost nothing happened ..”

The Give Ups A.K.A. Tiago Cutileiro’s webpage for going public is a selection of presentable or quasi presentable, finished or quasi finished projects within the fields of sonic-, visual-, and video-art.

CV – Tiago Cutileiro
Portfolio – Tiago Cutileiro

Credits for presented works:
xc9 – musicians from “jornadas nova música aveiro 1999”; xczero – musicians from “evento zero porto 2000”; para quatorze instrumentos – musicians from “universidade de évora”; uhu I to IV – orchestra “orquestra do algarve” dejan savic (dir.); para 10 instrumentos – orquestra “ensemble contemporaneus”; para 20 instrumentos – orchestra “orquestra metropolitana de lisboa” pierre-andré valade (dir.); useless – orchestra “filarmonia das beiras” vasco pearce de azevedo (dir.) birgit wegemann (sop.); abc 1 to 3 – mashup from string quartets and choral works by karlheinz stockhausen, györgy ligeti, john cage and luigi nono; act I to IV – inês lopes (sop./alt.) bruno rodrigues (ten./bas.) ana margarida neto (cl.) marta navarro (vcl.); iii and act II scene 4 – text from james joyce (ulysses, sample read by jim norton); string quartet – marta navarro (vcl.); clarinet quartet – ana margarida neto (cl.); i – image and woman speaking from tv news (90s); iv – text from a fernando nogueira’s speech (90s); quotation above – miranda july (no one belongs here more than you);